Ice Dams

What are ice dams? Ice dams are an accumulation of ice at the lower part of your roof usually where your gutter meets the roof. How does this accumulation happen and cause an ice dam?  Typically the middle part of your roof is warmer.  This heat melts snow and forces it to slow to the edges of your roof that are typically cooler than the middle of your roof. This change of temperature causes the melted snow to freeze into ice and block your gutter.  The melted snow needs somewhere to go. It eventually forces itself under your roof into your attic and sometimes down into your home’s walls. This can cause great water damage to your home and belongings. The following tips can help avoid ice dams from forming on your home. Continue reading Ice Dams

Freezing Pipes

Winter has finally returned. That being said, I think it’s important to talk about freezing pipes again.  Freezing pipes that burst is our number one cause for most jobs we receive in the winter.  Protect your home from freezing pipes. Some tips we are reiterating and found some new tips. Help your home from suffering from freezing pipes. Continue reading Freezing Pipes

Freezing Rain Safety

This mild winter we’ve had this year has given us more freezing rain more than snow.  In many cases freezing rain can cause more damage than snow.  A little background about freezing rain will help you understand the severity of the damage it can cause. Continue reading Freezing Rain Safety

New Year’s Home Resolutions

The new year comes around and many are making personal new year’s resolutions, but what about resolving to make some new year’s home resolutions?  Below are just a few new year’s home resolutions that you can add to your list. Continue reading New Year’s Home Resolutions