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It’s Getting Cold, Better Keep Those Pipes Warm!

It’s Getting Cold, Better Keep Those Pipes Warm!

It’s Getting Cold, Better Keep Those Pipes Warm! Don’t think a burst pipe will not occur in your home if your pipes are not properly insulated.  Continue reading It’s Getting Cold, Better Keep Those Pipes Warm!

Leak Proof Your Home

Leak proof your home so you can avoid structural damages after severe weather- this includes rain or freezing temperatures. Following the tips provided below will insure that when you leak proof your home, the water will be constrained to where it belongs. Continue reading Leak Proof Your Home

Freezing Pipes

Winter has finally returned. That being said, I think it’s important to talk about freezing pipes again.  Freezing pipes that burst is our number one cause for most jobs we receive in the winter.  Protect your home from freezing pipes. Some tips we are reiterating and found some new tips. Help your home from suffering from freezing pipes. Continue reading Freezing Pipes

Dealing With Frozen Pipes

Dealing with frozen pipes is concern for many of us during the harsh winter season, but frozen pipes can lead to pipe bursts which is a much more severe issue to deal with in your home. Continue reading Dealing With Frozen Pipes

Winter Home Preparedness

Living in Chicago, we know that that winter snow and cold can hit anytime and in different forms of severity.  Last year we experienced large snow fall amounts followed by several days of bitter cold. Below are some simple steps you can take to ensure winter home preparedness. We’ve discussed many of these tips before, but they are so helpful that it doesn’t hurt to mention them again. Continue reading Winter Home Preparedness

Budget Friendly Winterizing Tips

Last week’s winds and storms brought in some frigid temperatures in our area.  It’s a good idea to start thinking about how we can winterize our homes.  Winterizing is a good idea because you can save your home from damage and at the same time save money keeping your home warm. Keep reading for some budget friendly winterizing tips.  Continue reading Budget Friendly Winterizing Tips

Preventing Frozen Pipes

We posted about this a few weeks ago, but today, this post is very pertinent.  It is extremely cold out there and we not only need to keep ourselves, our children and our pets safe, but we also need to keep our homes safe from this extreme cold.


Continue reading Preventing Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

As we prepare our homes for the holidays with lights and decorations, we should also be thinking about preparing our homes for what is usually the coldest time of the year. Last year, the term polar vortex became as common in our vocabulary as the term windy city. The extreme cold was not only brutal to us, but also to our homes. Continue reading Frozen Pipes