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Bathroom Water Damage

Bathrooms are probably the one room in your home most likely to suffer from water damage, since it is the rooms that houses many water fixtures.  That being said, it’s a good idea to do quick run through inspections in your bathrooms every so often.  Catching water damage in an early stage will also end up being easier on your pockets. Continue reading Bathroom Water Damage


5 Ways to Prevent Wet Basements

No one wants a wet basement and all the hassle that comes with cleaning up and fixing it.  Water damage comes into your home not only via floods, but it can also come into your home  from rapidly melting snow and burst pipes.

Follow these five tips and you will be closer to keeping your basement dry.

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Preventing Frozen Pipes

We posted about this a few weeks ago, but today, this post is very pertinent.  It is extremely cold out there and we not only need to keep ourselves, our children and our pets safe, but we also need to keep our homes safe from this extreme cold.


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What makes Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore different?

   At Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore, we like to hold ourselves to a high standard.  It is important to us to do our job in a polite and professional manner, at the same time remembering that our customer’s needs comes first.  We do this by following the Rainbow International Code of Values which are easily remembered in four parts: respect, integrity, customer focus and having fun in the process. Our Code of Values are further detailed below: Continue reading What makes Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore different?


Frozen Pipes

As we prepare our homes for the holidays with lights and decorations, we should also be thinking about preparing our homes for what is usually the coldest time of the year. Last year, the term polar vortex became as common in our vocabulary as the term windy city. The extreme cold was not only brutal to us, but also to our homes. Continue reading Frozen Pipes