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I Have Water Damage, What Do I Do Now?

I Have Water Damage, What Do I Do Now?

After you see water damage in your home, you might ask yourself, do I have to file a claim? Can I fix it myself? Can I save my carpet/hardwood floors? 

Calling The Experts at Rainbow International First

With the many questions to ask yourself, the experts at Rainbow International have all the answers. First off, it is not necessary to file an insurance claim any time you have damages in your home.
At Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore, offering free estimates to our clients is the only way to show that we care about you. How, how ask? Good question! When Rainbow International’s water team assess’ the damages at your property, they might ask you a series of questions, one being, “Do you know how much your deductible is?” From there they will be able to tell you if it is worth filing a claim or not. If the damages are under the deductible, even a little bit over, it is better for you to pay out of pocket as opposed to filing an insurance claim. You don’t want the risk of being dropped or  even your premiums increasing.

Do’s and Don’ts from Rainbow International

The lists of Do’s and Don’ts were taken from Rainbow International blog post, read more to get the full list.


  • Close the water main or shut off any water source so flooding stops.
  • If you can’t stop the leak yourself, call a plumber.
  • Shut down the electrical breaker in damaged areas before unplugging or removing any electrical devices from the wet carpet or submerged areas.
  • Call Rainbow International: (847) 673-3473
  • Lift any curtains or draperies away from wet carpet or water.
  • Lift and tack up any upholstered furniture skirts.
  • Remove books, papers, fabrics, shoes, potted plants or other items that are able to stain wet carpet.
  • Call your insurance company. All policies require that homeowners or businesses report their loss “as soon as reasonably possible.”


  • Using your home vacuum – electrical shock can result, as well as damage to the equipment
  • Placing newspaper in traffic areas to walk on – newspaper ink transfers easily to wet carpet fibers which results in permanent staining
  • Walking on carpet any more than necessary – this keeps damage from spreading to unaffected areas
If you suspect water damage in a potential home, Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore is a trusted restoration company servicing both commercial and residential properties.  Please give us a call at 847-673-3473 for any questions or concerns about residential and commercial cleaning,  fire, smoke, mold or water damage restoration or visit our website at www.rainbowintl.com/ChicagoNorthShore for more information.

For more information about Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore, please give us a call at 847-673-3473. Water – we specialize in water damage restoration and clean up caused by flood, broken pipe, frozen pipe, seepage and foundation leaks.

Mold – we specialize in mold remediation, mold clean up and mold removal. This includes black mold and other types of mold.

Fire – we specialize in fire damage restoration and fire damage clean up. Smoke – we specialize in smoke damage restoration, smoke damage clean up, smoke damage remediation and eliminate smoke damage.

Construction – we specialize in basement reconstruction, basement addition, basement construction, basement repair and basement restoration. We specialize in properly handling pack-outs (content cleaning) , inventory documentation, and transporting to a climate controlled storage.

Please visit our website at http://www.rainbowintl.com/ChicagoNorthShore for more information. Proudly serving Skokie, Evanston, Lincolnwood, Chicago, Roger’s Park, Bucktown, Roscoe Village, Lakeview, Old Town, Gold Coast, Streeterville, Loop, West Loop, South Loop, North Loop, Medical Village, Jefferson Park, Norwood Park, Edison Park, Lincoln Square, Humboldt Park, Edgewater, Edgebrook, Albany Park, Andersonville, Boystown, Bronzeville, Brickyard, Cabrini Green, Chinatown, Clarendon Park, Hyde Park, Galewood, Hollywood Park, North Park, Irving Park and Logan Square.


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