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Small Leak into a Costly Insurance Claim

Small Leak into a Costly Insurance Claim

How to avoid a small leak from turning into a costly insurance claims: take small leaks seriously or else your house might flood.

In this article, the water damage experts at Rainbow International will tell you how you can avoid an insurance claim. What to watch out for:

  • Refrigerator Ice-maker Hose: Having an ice-maker is very convenient, but make sure to inspect the hose once in a while (every six months). If the hose has a tear or it is loose, water can ruin your floors and you walls. This can cause a major structural issue in your home, so make sure it is not loose or broken!
  • Dishwasher Hose: Our office gets a lot of calls because of flooding caused by a corroded dishwasher hose. This always starts as a small leak then turns into a major flood.
  • Corroded water heater: When dealing with water heaters it is common for a small leak to happen, if no one notices the leak- a flooded basement is very likely.

Prevent leaks by:

Small leaks can be fixed majority of the time without hiring an expert. To avoid leaks, make sure that you are able to locate where the shut-off valve is, you can also think about installing flood sensors too and lastly hire a reputable plumber once a year to check your appliances and such.

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