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Smoke Damage and Its Effects On Your Technology

Smoke damage and its effects on your technology is worse than you think. Since smoke is acidic in nature, make sure to call a professional promptly.

Smoke Damage and Its Effects On Your Technology


In this day and age, a lot of our pictures, videos and important documents are stored on our computers. Making sure to have a certified property restoration company safely remove smoke damage will save your electronics and personal items stored on there.

Smoke Damage

When you see soot (black powdery substance) on your electronics, you cannot clean that up yourself. Most likely, it has already reached the inside of your computer, laptop, or any other electronic it touched. If you do not call a professional restoration company to restore your electronics, you will start to notice that your electronics will start to heat up more often causing premature failure.  Like stated above, smoke is acidic in nature, if it remains on your electronics, which is mostly metal, it can destroy it.

Time Limitation

Here are three interesting facts taken from the article: How Smoke Damage Affects Your Home’s Contents, about what smoke damage does to your personal items:

Within minutes

Porous materials and synthetics must be immediately addressed to prevent permanent discoloration.

Within hours to days

Wooden furniture, flooring, painted walls, and clothing can become permanently stained if not addressed within hours to days of damage, and metal surfaces will at this point begin to rust, pit, and corrode, requiring refinishing or replacement.

Within weeks

Prolonged soot exposure will embed itself in the fibers and surfaces, resulting in a longer, more costly restoration with a higher likelihood of replacement.

What Rainbow International Restoration can do for you

When we need to restore personal contents, Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore is able to handle any size job. In case of an emergency, it is good to know that Rainbow International of Chicago North Shore is licensed and certified in fire and smoke damage restoration. Please do not hesitate to call us when problems arise: 847-673- FIRE (3473)

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